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Innovative Approaches to Facility Design and Funding of “Place” to Serve Active, Engaged Older Adults

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 (2 tours)
Morning Tour: 10:15 AM - Afternoon Tour: 3:30 PM

With: Andrea Smith, Senior Action

The senior center of old days is much more than a building in a community, it is a sense of identity and place for the aging population. Is the building a left over building that has reached the end of its usefulness so the community turns it into a senior center? Too often that is the case and such a metaphor of how older adults are viewed. This session will demonstrate the importance of creating a sense of place for the aging population that instills value and pride and engages the community in redefining what healthy aging looks like. It will also include information on creative funding solutions when there is seemingly no funding available for these types of projects. Attendees will leave encouraged to engage with similar programs in their communities.

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