SGS State Ambassadors

Current State Ambassadors


Jamie C. Gilbert, MS, CPG

Decatur, GA


Phone: 678-756-2760


Matt Estrade, MA, MBA

Owner, Chief Mentor, Educator
Care Partner Mentoring, LLC
Covington, LA


Phone: 504-339-17574

North Carolina

Karen Appert

Owner, Appert Marketing Group
Winston-Salem, NC


Phone: 336-761-1220


Denise Butler, CSA

Geriatric Assessment Clinic Coordinator
Riverside Center for Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health
Williamsburg, VA


Phone: 757-220-4751

SGS State Ambassadors

If you would like to represent your state and be listed on this page please read more below and apply.


Southern Gerontological Society (SGS) State Ambassadors serve as local contacts and liaisons between SGS and academics, practitioners, and students within each of its 14 states, and are instrumental in the overall success of SGS by extending its relevance and visibility in each state.


The mission of SGS State Ambassadors is to increase SGS awareness, membership and participation among practitioners, academics and students within their state.


SGS State Ambassadors are appointed by the Membership Committee and report to the State Ambassador Coordinator. Ideally, each state is represented by a team consisting of at least one (1) academic and one (1) practitioner. State Ambassadors commit to serve for two (2) years and may extend their service at the discretion of the Membership Committee.


  • Increased opportunities for networking and visibility with professionals in the aging field at the local, state and regional levels
  • Gain leadership experience and development opportunities
  • Reduced rate for SGS Annual Meeting attendance
  • Be recognized as a leader within your state through promotion by SGS on social media, website, and through the Southern Gerontologist newsletter


  • Become familiar with the Southern Gerontological Society, its membership benefits, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and other resources
  • Develop an annual activities plan and submit reports for presentation during monthly Membership Committee scheduled conference calls
  • Build SGS awareness, membership and reciprocal relationships by attending local and regional aging meetings, conferences and presentations in their state
  • Encourage submission of articles to SGS-related professional gerontological publications:
    - Journal of Applied Gerontology (JAG)
    - Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine (GGM)
    - Southern Gerontologist Newsletter
  • Attend and promote attendance and participation in SGS Annual Meetings
  • Initiate and coordinate local SGS initiatives and activities appropriate to their state


  • Current SGS member in good standing
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Desire and commitment to become a more active participant in SGS
  • Ability and commitment to dedicate time to the responsibilities listed above


To apply by email or mail please download and complete the application in PDF format.

Email to: SGS Executive Director Amanda James or

Send by mail to:
Southern Gerontological Society
PO Box 80786, Conyers, GA 30013
(866) 920-4660

[PDF] Document last revised: October 17, 2018

If the above criteria has been met and you have all necessary information ready you can submit your application to become an SGS Ambassador by clicking on the button below and completing the application form. Photo for use on SGS website required.