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The Southern Gerontological Society is a network of the South's most respected gerontology professionals. Southern Gerontological Society (SGS) members are educators, aging network personnel, researchers, health professionals, and policy makers. SGS provides the bridge between research and practice, translating and applying knowledge in the field of aging.

Lee Ann Steffen Ferguson

Lee Ann Steffen Ferguson, MA Gerontology

SGS Executive Director

SGS has been a "professional home" throughout the years of being a student and as a professional gerontologist. Lee Ann brings to the organization many years of experience with business development, marketing skills, and event organization along with a passion for the field of gerontology.

Ms. Ferguson is here to be of assistance to you. Should you need help with any facet or function of SGS, she may be reached at:
(866) 920-4660
PO Box 160, Taylorsville, NC 28681

Jennifer Craft Morgan, Ph.D.

Jennifer Craft Morgan, Ph.D.

SGS President

Georgia State University Gerontology Institute

Dr. Jennifer Craft Morgan joined the faculty of the Gerontology Institute in the Fall of 2012. Her research focuses on jobs and careers, attempting to understand how policy, population, workplace and individual level factors shape how work is experienced and how work is organized.

Pamela Pitman Brown, Ph.D.

Pamela Pitman Brown, Ph.D., CPG

SGS Secretary

Winston-Salem State University

Dr. Brown is the Gerontology Program Coordinator and an assistant professor of Gerontology. She also holds the distinction of Credentialed Professional Gerontologist (CPG). Dr. Brown currently teaches Social Gerontology, Statistics for Social & Behavioral Sciences, Principles & Practices, and General Gerontology.

Christopher Kelly, Ph.D.

Christopher M. Kelly, Ph.D.

SGS Treasurer

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Dr. Kelly received his Ph.D. in Gerontology at the University of Southern California and completed an NIA postdoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Kelly is the Leo Missinne Professor in Gerontology and Graduate Program Chair in the Department of Gerontology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Leland Bert Waters, Ph.D.

Leland "Bert" Waters, Ph.D.

SGS Treasurer-Elect

Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Waters serves as Assistant Director for the Virginia Geriatric Education Center's Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP). He manages the day to day operations of the GWEP and assists in the oversight of the GWEP staff and coordination of activities related to project objectives, including implementation of distance-based and website trainings.

Julie Robison, Ph.D.

Julie Robison, Ph.D.

Editor: Journal of Applied Gerontology

University of Connecticut

Dr. Robison completed her PhD in Human Development and Family Studies at Cornell University in 1995. She then did a post-doctoral fellowship at the Yale School of Public Health in the epidemiology of aging. She has been on the faculty of the Center on Aging at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine since 2000 and is now a full professor.

Debby Yoder

Debby Yoder

SGS Student Representative

Georgia State University

Debby is a graduate student at The Gerontology Institute at Georgia State University. A developing critical gerontologist, her research interests include the impact of social inequality on older adults. Active with SGS since 2015, she's excited for the opportunity to take a more involved role.

Caroline S. Westerhof, Ph.D.

Caroline S. Westerhof, Ph.D.

SGS Senior Representative to the Board

Ms. Westerhof's career has spanned senior management and policymaking positions in academia, business, government and politics. She was a research professor at the University of South Florida, specializing and serving the elderly through a research grant from the Retirement Research Foundation, in conjunction with two colleagues. She designed and chaired a new management college degree program as a tenured full professor within the City University of New York.

Akshaya Parthasarathy

Akshaya Parthasarathy

SGS Student Representative-Elect

Georgia State University

My name is Akshaya Parthasarathy, and I am a student of the Master of Arts program in Gerontology at Georgia State University. I am an international student from India, Chennai.

Since the day I first got to know that I got accepted by Georgia State University for a master's program in Gerontology, I have had the satisfaction and happiness of pursuing what I believed to be not just the attaining of another educational goal, however the pursuing of a field that I am really passionate about. My association with Georgia State University under the guidance of a splendid faculty that cuts across not just my professors but also the panel part of the 'Southern Gerontological Society', whom I have the honour of representing as a student has brought me into a platform wherein I can involve my inner passionate self and learn on the go with the team.

R. Turner Goins, Ph.D.

R. Turner Goins, Ph.D.

SGS Past President

Western Carolina University, Department of Social Work

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