SGS Supports Research

SGS Supports Research

SGS is happy to support our members and friends who are conducting human subjects’ research. Would it help you to promote your study and recruit participants via the SGS newsletter, social media outlets, and website? If so, here is your opportunity.

For SGS members, there will not be a fee. Newsletter and website placement fee for not-for-profit organizations that are not SGS members is $50.00; undergraduate and graduate students’ listings are free, but must have faculty advisor that is a SGS member.

Your research description is featured in 2 successive issues of our newsletter, the Southern Gerontologist; researcher should identify length of time to promote the research opportunity; listings/postings are limited to approx. 250 words, excluding title and link(s).

Your research description remains on our website for 6 months; provide IRB approved document/flyer.

SGS can invoice you for the fee. Please contact SGS Executive Director, Lee Ann Ferguson at 866-920-4660 or via email at for instructions on submitting your posting.

Endorsement of studies by the Southern Gerontological Society is neither expressed nor implied.