SGS Video Resources

SGS Video Resources

SGS/GGS 2018 Joint Conference Overview

This webinar covered an overview of program highlights for the SGS-GGS joint conference to be held at Lake Lanier, Georgia April 11-14th.

During this webinar, organizers reviewed the call for abstracts, and highlighted changes to submission requirements. The conference theme and its eight thematic tracks were also discussed.

SGS Webinar - How To Submit an Abstract

During this session, SGS Board Members Dr. Turner Goins (Western Carolina University) and Dr. Graham Rowles (University of Kentucky) along with SGS Student Representative, Debby Yoder, and SGS's Association Manager, Lee Ann Ferguson discussed the following topics:

  1. 2018's new abstract MIRA software and how to access the Call for Abstracts portal.
  2. What should be included in an abstract (and what shouldn't)
  3. What session types are options and how to pick the best fit for a presentation.
  4. Available awards for poster and paper sessions (for student participants)
  5. Question & Answer session
  6. Review of important deadlines.

Mira Abstract Submission Tutorials

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How To Complete A Submission

How To Edit Your Submission

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