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Creative Wellness for Staff and Clients

Pre-Conference Event
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Creative Wellness for Staff and Clients

April 11, 2023, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

With: Ariadne Gejevski, ariadnART

Attendees will participate in a painting lesson that raises self-awareness, innate talents, personal interests, the lowering of stress levels, and the perception of one’s own basic feelings, in doing something new. All in a process of striving for a personal mental and emotional state of well-being for staff and clients. Some people may participate, and others may wish to observe. This lesson and 10 more will be shared in how to plan and initiate activities in order to promote self-healing for both. As an educator of art and an art therapist, my objective has always been in introducing task-oriented projects that stress dexterity and proficiency in mastering or regaining self-sufficiency of fine motor skills. That isn’t enough. It is well understood that personal well-being is just as important to staff as it is for clients. This workshop will present a unique, well tested, creative approach in dealing with personal wellness and how staff can have a successful partnership with clients when both are working on the same wellness goal and are enjoying what they are doing.


Includes Refreshments