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Taylor Introduction

Monday, March 14, 2022

Hi all!

My name is Taylor Everly, and I am a graduate student pursing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Mercer University. I attended Barton College for my undergraduate degree in psychology where I was introduced to the world of gerontology and fell in love. The research shows how the number of older adults is rapidly increasing, but there is not enough emphasis on the specific care that these individuals need. My goal is become a neuropsychologist with a focus in geriatrics. This includes caring and diagnosing individuals with dementia, depression, brain injuries from falls or accidents, and many other cognitive and psychiatric problems. I am currently on a research team that is laying groundwork to implement age friendly healthcare into the health professions programs here at Mercer University. I am currently serving as the student representative-elect for the Southern Gerontological Society and am excited to spread knowledge and resources to other students and professionals who are interested in working with older adults!

Thank you,
Taylor Everly