SGS Awards

SGS Student Travel Scholarship Award


  • Any SGS Student Member who is submitting scholarly work for presentation at the SGS Annual Conference may apply for this scholarship. This scholarship will provide preference to graduate or undergraduate students who demonstrate leadership potential and academic excellence and vision through their research efforts. This one-time scholarship is being made available to fund registration and travel to the meeting.


  • Students must be currently enrolled in an academic program with an emphasis in gerontology.
  • Application process must be completed per specific instructions of the Awards Committee.
  • Awards committee may request a student ID or class schedule to document enrollment.
  • Presentation must include research ideas or applied approaches ideas that are substantially those of the students.
  • Awards are made available to all disciplines within the student membership of SGS.
  • All authors must indicate academic level.
  • A letter of support must be provided by the faculty advisor or mentor.
  • The award winner will write a newsletter article for the SGS post-conference newsletter on their conference experience by submission deadlines.
  • The award winner is required to pay for registration and other conference expenses. The scholarship check will be awarded at the conference.
  • Priority will be given to applicants prepared to participate in at least two days of the conference.

If the above criteria has been met and you have all necessary information and supporting documentation you can submit your application for this award by clicking on the button below and completing the application form.

Nominations For This Award Are Closed

Previous Award Winners

  • 2023 - Alfred Boakye | Gretchen Tucker | Karah Alexander
  • 2022 - Isabelle Soto | Shalini Sahoo
  • 2021 - Given the circumstances that this meeting was held virtually, the award committee determined that the scholarship funds would be used to offset the conference registration costs for any student presenting as the first author on their presentation at the 2021 SGS Virtual Conference. There were 38 awards given to students who met this criteria.
  • 2020 - Carlyn Vogel | Jana Sherril
  • 2019 - Jeffrey Lentz | Ngozi Chima
  • 2018 - Saruna Ghimire Marc | Aaron Guest | Kaleigh Ligus
  • 2017 - Eugenie Stephenson | Ethlyn Gibson | Polina Ermoshkina
  • 2016 - Christina Barmon | Jennifer Bellingtier | Alissa Goldstein
  • 2015 - James Moorhead: "The Feasibility of Conducting LGBT-Specific Cultural Competency Training in Assisted Living Facilities"
    Amy Schuster: "Are Undergraduate Students Inherently Ageist? Overt and Subconscious Views of Aging in Societal Context"