Student Poster Award


  • Any SGS Student Member who is submitting scholarly work for presentation at the SGS Annual Meeting.
  • All authors must be students currently enrolled in an academic program with an emphasis in gerontology.
  • Research ideas must be substantially those of the students.
  • Awards are made available to all disciplines within the student membership of SGS.
  • All authors must indicate academic level.


This award will provide preference to graduate or undergraduate students whose posters demonstrate excellence in Appeal, Content, and poster session Presentation.


  • Exceptional overall organization, easy to follow structure, correct grammar and spelling, and references are listed or available.
  • Images, charts, graphs, and other visuals are useful in describing the research.
  • Title is large enough to read from 4-6 feet away, other text is large enough to read from a comfortable distance.


  • Research purpose is sufficiently stated and explained.
  • Research process and methods are clearly described.
  • Analysis is accurately and completely explained.
  • Findings/Results and implications of the research are stated.


  • Professional attire and manner.
  • Well-prepared and easily conveys ideas; adequately answers questions.
  • Eye contact, posture, and tone of voice.

Nomination Deadline: March 10, 2017

2016 Award Winners

2016 SGS Student Poster Award
Jennifer Bellingtier (Photo Above)
Lauren Catlett & Cynthia Southard

Past Winners

  • 2016 – Jennifer Bellingtier, Lauren Catlett, & Cynthia Southard
  • 2015 – Sherry Lind & Hannah Elliott
  • 2014 – 1st Place – Amy Correll- Western Kentucky University
    2014 – 2nd Place – Lacy Will, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • 2013 – 1st Place – Alix Unwin
    2013 – 2nd Place – Wendy Myers
    2013 – 3rd Place – Ivette Valenzuela
  • 2011 – Jessica Hellerstein
  • 2010 – Andrea M. Shamaskin